Privacy Policy

  1. 1. Protection of Personal Information

    Morpho Inc. (hereinafter, referred to as “COMPANY”) understands social importance of protecting personal information and presumes appropriate protection and management of the information to be important responsibility. COMPANY shall handle the personal information as follows.

    1. a) COMPANY shall acquire personal information by a legitimate and fair means in compliance with applicable personal information protection laws and in accordance with generally accepted personal information handling practices.
    2. b) COMPANY shall specify the purposes of use in case of acquisition of the personal information and use the information only within a scope of the purposes.
    3. c) If the personal information handling is entrusted to a third party, COMPANY shall implement impartial investigation on the third party and carry out necessary and appropriate measures for confidentiality.
    4. d) If a customer himself/herself requests to disclose, correct or delete his/her personal information held by COMPANY or disconnect the service, COMPANY shall accept the request in a prescribed manner and treat the request properly.
    5. e) COMPANY shall articulate rules regarding to the personal information handling and inform employees of the rules, while restructuring an internal organizational system properly.
    6. f) COMPANY shall take necessary measures for preventing leakage, loss and falsification of the personal information and manage the information appropriately.
  2. 2. Definition of Personal Information

    Personal information means information by which an individual can be identified including name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address or identification number of the individual, or his/her image or voice, and information by which an individual can be identified or specified in combination with other information.

  3. 3. Purpose of Use

    If a customer provides his/her personal information which is required for COMPANY’s business operation, COMPANY will not use the information out of a scope of proper purposes without consent of the customer, unless it is required in a state of emergency regarding laws, life crisis and public hygiene or it is permitted by laws and regulations. COMPANY will use the personal information only within a scope of the following purposes of use:

    1. a) planning, development, sales, provision, support and maintenance of COMPANY’s products and services;
    2. b) notification, publicity, campaign, event and questionnaire survey regarding to COMPANY’s products and services etc.;
    3. c) data collection for planning and examining improvement of COMPANY’s products and services etc.;
    4. d) execution of contract and exercise and preservation of COMPANY’s rights;
    5. e) reply to inquiries etc.;
    6. f) implementation of business operations accompanying the above operations.
  4. 4. Disclosure and Provision to Third Party

    COMPANY may occasionally entrust an external body with a part of its business operations in order to smoothly implement the operations. If a necessary range of personal information is provided to the external body, COMPANY shall carry out necessary and appropriate measures for protecting the personal information, e.g. making an agreement concerning personal information handling with the external body. COMPANY shall not disclose or provide the personal information to a third party unless the information is provided to the above external body or it is applicable to the following cases:

    1. a) With consent of the customer;
    2. b) When the information is disclosed or provided as a part of statistical data so that the customer is not identified;
    3. c) When disclosure or provision is required by laws and regulations;
    4. d) When the business is succeeded due to M&A, organizational division, business transfer and other grounds.
    5. e) When interests of the customer or a third party including life, body, property or other rights may be harmed and at the same time it is difficult to obtain consent of the customer.
    6. f) When the information is necessary for cooperating in execution of duties required by laws and regulations, and the execution of duties may be hindered by process of obtaining consent of the customer.
    7. g) When it is permitted by laws and regulations or with sufficient reason.
  5. 5. Inquiry for Personal Information

    If the customer requests to disclose, correct, add or delete his/her own information in COMPANY’s data, the customer is advised to contact COMPANY through [contact us] on its website or ring to “general affairs & human resource group., personal information section (+81-3-3288-3288)”. After confirming that the inquirer is a person who is entitled to the request, COMPANY shall appropriately deal with the request as far as it could within a reasonable term. Note that the inquiry will not be accepted if the customer directly visits COMPANY for the inquiry.

  6. 6. Management of Personal Information

    COMPANY shall appropriately and carefully handle personal information and settle a position responsible for information management in order to ensure accuracy and safety of the personal information. The person in charge of information management shall:

    1. 1) implement safety control for personal information such as prevention and adjustment of unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information; and
    2. 2) educate employees on appropriate handling of personal information.
  7. 7. Application and Modification

    This privacy policy is exclusively applied to personal information obtained by COMPANY. COMPANY shall comply with Japan’s laws and regulations concerning personal information and this privacy policy. COMPANY may occasionally modify the privacy policy due to changes in Japan’s laws and regulations or improvement of personal information protection. The modification of the privacy policy will be effected on the day when the modification is notified on the website of COMPANY. Note that COMPANY shall not be responsible for privacy protection of web pages linked to its website. See privacy policies of those web pages.