Product overview

"Morpho Full HDR"™ is a technology which generates a TRULY High Dynamic Range (16bit) image without blocked up shadows (dark spots) and blown out highlights (saturated spots) even when a scene includes large difference in bright and dark parts.

For example, when taking a picture inside a dark room with a window showing sunny outdoor, inside of the room will have blocked up shadows and outside of the window will have blown out highlights. "Morpho Full HDR"™ composes a brightness-adjusted HDR*1 image by layering multiple images with different exposure. The resulting image has less blocked up shadows or blown out highlights.

Including the Morpho's other product "Morpho HDR™", any conventional HDR synthesis technology expresses the output image in around 16 million*2(8bit) color depth. On the other hand, "Morpho Full HDR"™ can generate an image which can express 1 billion to 10 trillion (16 bit) color depth with our creative way to sythesize multiple images with different exposures. That is to say, using this technology, we can generate an image that is TRULY high dynamic range, which is closer to what human eyes see.

"Morpho Full HDR"™ has advantages as below:

Tone mapping
"Morpho Full HDR"™ can generate an image which can express 1 billion to 10 trillion (16 bit) colors. However, a standard monitor (8bit) cannot show all the colors the image is capable of displaying. "Morpho Full HDR"™ is able to map 16 bit color depth images to 8 bit. During the mapping process, this technology can add artistic effect or adjust exposure level based on the area selected by users as well. With this tone mapping technology, users can enjoy customizing their viewing experience even after the images are captured.

Click sample images below to enlarge.
Image taken at standard exposure
(Blown out highlights and Blocked up shadows occur)
Tone-mapped (Natural) image
after synthesized with Morpho Full HDR™
Tone-mapped (Dramatic tone) image
after synthesized with Morpho Full HDR™
Tone-mapped (Sketch) image
after synthesized with Morpho Full HDR™

Saving in a file with deep color information
Current major image formats such as JPEG can store image in file with up to only 8 bit color depth. On the other hand, in combination with JPEG-HDR technology licensed from Dolby Laboratories, "Morpho Full HDR"™ can store image in file with more color depth than 8 bit. JPEG-HDR technolgy has advantages as below:
  • Image files saved with JPEG-HDR technology has backward compatibility with a commonly used image compression method JPEG and those are viewable with pre-existing JPEG viewers.
  • Encoding with JPEG-HDR technology provides 26 bit color depth (JPEG provides only 8 bit) with high compression rate. This means an image can have a dynamic range with small footprint.
Difference between 8 bit and 16 bit images

Accurate alignment (Same advantage as "Morpho HDR"™)
A HDR image, in a general way, is generated with synthesizing multiple images. In case the multiple images are taken in hand without tripod, those have misalignment each. As a result, the simply superposed image has image shifts and is not crisp."Morpho Full HDR"™ corrects the image shift automatically and generete a crisp HDR image, in the same way as "Morpho HDR"™, utilizing Morpho's unique technology "SOFTGYRO®", motion detection software. Result of Alignment

Ghost Removal (Same advantage as "Morpho HDR"™)
Multiple input images for synthesizing a HDR image are shot with time lag. As a result, there is a ghost of moving objects during the time lag in simply superposed image. "Morpho Full HDR"™ naturally synthesize the multiple images without ghosts using Morpho's ghost removal technology in the same way as "Morpho HDR"™. Result of Ghost Removal


"Morpho Full HDR"™ is delivered with library files for application development and related documents which match the working environment. For detail, please contact Morpho directly.


"Morpho Full HDR"™ is a platform-independent software. The below table shows tested platforms; however, other platforms can be supported. For detail, please contact Morpho directly.

Tested CPUCortex™-A9
(Note: Other CPUs may be supported.)
Tested OS Android™
(Note: Other operating systems may be supported.)

*"Cortex" is a trademark of ARM Limited.
*"Android" is a trademark of Google Inc.

*1: "HDR" stands for High Dynamic Range.
*2: "16 million color depth" means that 1 pixel has 8 bit (256) tonal information per 3(RGB) colors each. The pixel can be expressed about 16 million colors (Third power of 256 is about 16 million.) The JPEG format supports 16 million colors, for example.
*"Dolby" and "the double-D symbol" are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.