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"Morpho HDR"™ is a technology which generates an image without blocked up shadows (dark spots) and blown out highlights (saturated spots) even when a scene includes large difference in bright and dark parts.

For example, when taking a picture inside a dark room with a window showing sunny outdoor, inside of the room will have blocked up shadows and outside of the window will have blown out highlights. "Morpho HDR"™ composes a brightness-adjusted HDR*1 image by layering multiple images with different exposure. The resulting image has less blocked up shadows or blown out highlights.

"Morpho HDR"™ has advantages as below:

Accurate alignment (Same advantage as "Morpho Full HDR"™)
A HDR image, in a general way, is generated with synthesizing multiple images. In case the multiple images are taken in hand without tripod, those have misalignment each. As a result, the simply superposed image has image shifts and is not crisp."Morpho HDR"™ corrects the image shift automatically and generete a crisp HDR image, in the same way as "Morpho Full HDR"™, utilizing Morpho's unique technology "SOFTGYRO®", motion detection software. Result of Alignment

Ghost Removal (Same advantage as "Morpho Full HDR"™)
Multiple input images for synthesizing a HDR image are shot with time lag. As a result, there is a ghost of moving objects during the time lag in simply superposed image. "Morpho HDR"™ naturally synthesize the multiple images without ghosts using Morpho's ghost removal technology in the same way as "Morpho Full HDR"™. Result of Ghost Removal


"Morpho HDR"™ is delivered with library files for application development and related documents which match the working environment. For detail, please contact Morpho directly.


"Morpho HDR"™ is a platform-independent software. The below table shows tested platforms; however, other platforms can be supported. For detail, please contact Morpho directly.

Tested CPUCortex™-A9, Cortex™-A8, ARM11™
(Note: Other CPUs may be supported.)
Tested OS Android™
(Note: Other operating systems may be supported.)

*"Cortex" and "ARM11" are a trademarks of ARM Limited.
*"Android" is a trademark of Google Inc.

*1: "HDR" stands for High Dynamic Range.