MovieSolid® - Motion Stabilization Technology

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MovieSolid® employs Morpho, Inc.'s unique "SOFTGYRO®" motion detection engine to provide image stabilization for motion video. The algorithm compares the preceding frame with the current frame to determine motion caused by hand jitter between the frames and outputs the compensated current frame in real-time. The engine detects motion in four degrees of freedom (pitch, yaw, back/forth (zoom), and roll) and compensates hand jitter in these directions. Furthermore, camera shake caused by hand jitter even at high magnification is also compensated for.

MovieSolid® 2.0
Video captured with CMOS sensor devices is often prone to geometric distortions (rolling shutter distortion). Morpho, Inc. has expanded the MovieSolid® functions in MovieSolid® 2.0 to compensate for rolling shutter distortion in addition to the movement compensation in four degrees of freedom.


Library files, technical documents, etc. for application development are provided per supported platform. For detail, please contact Morpho directly.


MovieSolid® is a platform-independent software. The below table shows tested platforms; however, other platforms can be supported. For detail, please contact Morpho directly.

Tested CPUCortex™-A9, Cortex™-A8, ARM11™, ARM9™, ARM7™, Milbeaut®
(Note: Other CPUs may be supported)
Tested OSAndroid™, Windows®, Linux®, Symbian®
(Note: Other operating systems may be supported)

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