PhotoSolid® - Image Stabilization Technology



"PhotoSolid®" is an image stabilization technology that uses "SOFTGYRO®", a motion detection software based on image processing. With its world's first technology, movement during camera capture is sensed in six different axes - horizontal, vertical, depth (forward/backward), horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, and rotation upon the light axis - as shown in the diagram below. The data corresponding to this movement is processed, and the appropriate stabilization is applied to the image. In virtually any shooting situation - whether it be sudden movement, macro shooting, telephoto, night shooting - the resulting images are surprisingly clear, crisp and accurate. Even in situations where it is impossible to apply conventional motion compensation, "PhotoSolid®" delivers remarkably accurate stabilization, allowing anyone to easily take astonishingly sharp and clear images, adding a new dimension of enjoyment to taking pictures.

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The Secret of Advanced Motion Compensation

Conventional motion compensation technology makes use of an internal gyrosensor to physically sense movement in order to move the motion compensation lens in order to compensate for shifts in light. In this approach, since the compensation lens must be built into the camera, it is difficult to achieve a compact lens assembly while cost is also an issue. In addition, another drawback is that these approaches perform poorly in compensating for rotational movement.
"PhotoSolid®" represents an entirely different approach. It employs a movement detection software based on image processing, "SOFTGYRO®". This remarkable technology was originally developed by Morpho to enable highly accurate motion compensation by shooting four photos, even when shooting at ultra-fast shooting speeds under poor lighting conditions, such as indoors or at night, and then compiling the minute amounts of movement data of four photos to output a composite photo of astonishing accuracy.
Since "PhotoSolid®" software operates much in the same way as image processing to precisely detect the amounts of movement, it is entirely different from mechanical approaches which require compensation lenses that take up a great deal of space. It is this advantage that makes "PhotoSolid®" the ideal movement compensation solution for cameras in mobile phones and other portable devices.