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Message from President

Masaki Hilaga Morpho,Inc. PresidentMasaki Hilaga Morpho,Inc. President

The visual image processing environment has been marked by dramatic change in recent years, driven by advances in networking and digital technologies and accelerating consumer adoption of smartphones and other devices. We see a need to help develop new lifestyles and the technologies that will make them possible—technologies that would make it possible for anyone anywhere to record, save, edit, and share images as a second set of eyes.

Morpho was founded by a team composed primarily of engineers from the University of Tokyo—specialists in image processing technologies driven by the desire to find real world applications for cutting edge research results and experience. Based on the conviction that computer science is a practical endeavor, we believe our mission is to adapt state-of-the-art research results to human needs and interests and to identify real-world applications—to transcend mere theoretical research. There are increasing needs at each of the stages of image recognition, processing, and expression, across different domains, such as in-vehicle cameras, security, video production, medical and smartphones. We seek to deliver efficient and high-quality next-generation digital image processing frameworks that will become de facto standards.


born in Tokyo on November 15
graduated from University of Tokyo, Department of Information Science
completed doctoral course in University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science, Department of Information Science (D. Sc).
joined in technological development for image processing and video filming in school days
founded Morpho, Inc.

Domain of Expertise

Information Science, Computer Graphics, Image Recognition and Image Processing