Business Summary of Morpho

Morpho has long acknowledged the fact that software has a big advantage over hardware by its durable (intangible) and compact (no need for extra space) characteristics.
With that advantage taken into account, Morpho has been developing, with its own cutting-edge technologies incorporated, various products which can achieve demanded functions only by software.
Such developed products are provided for various areas, mainly as follows.


Morpho is offering its technologies and products to major smartphone providers and chip manufacturers over a global market.
So far, Morpho has been successful to establish partnership with a number of such customers.
Morpho will continue not only offering to such existing customers utilizing its superior technologies, but attempting to expand its business opportunities with new customers.

Network Services

Morpho has also been working on developing business models of network services, using its core technologies, and has been successful to market the network-related business with several customers, mainly in a domestic market.
Deep Learning, which is a machine-learning based technology, has been a major target of Morpho’s R&D as prior investment, and recently Morpho has been successful to commercialize several image recognition technologies utilizing it.
Morpho will continue offering its network-related business and attempting to obtain new business opportunities while concentrating on its R&D activities.


During recent years, camera-related functions have been employed in various digital devices through performance enhancement and lowering prices of image sensors. Therefore, image processing technologies are becoming more indispensable in diverse fields, and Morpho has been following such trend.
Especially, in the fields of medical, in-vehicle, surveillance camera and so on, Morpho has been and will continue working on developing its original products & services for expanding prospective benefits.