To Shareholders and Investors

The digitization of media has driven advances in networked applications and digital content delivery. This in turn has helped drive the popularization of digital cameras, camera phones and other mobile image capture devices. One byproduct of these trends can be seen in the way in which people interact with visual. Today, consumers expect more from imaging solutions. Being able to capture and preview immediately, edit and share their images with others in the global digital environment is something more and more people expect to be able to do with relatively little effort. In order to meet these consumer expectations, we need to develop technologies which make image creation easy. In a sense, we need to help users by providing them with a third professional eye for individuals that insures that their memories and images are captured for posterity.

Morpho, Inc. was founded by technical experts from the University of Tokyo who specialized in the field of image processing. Morpho’s goal is to take the expertise and experience developed in the lab out into the real world to solve real world imaging problems. Based on the belief that computer science should be a practical discipline, our mission is not to conduct cutting-edge research on a purely theoretical basis, but to create real world cutting-edge solutions that leverage our research to meet existing or emerging social needs and requirements and which create a better user experience. Through technologies including image recognition, image processing and image display for various platforms such as security and video, and by embedding these solutions in camera phones, digital cameras and other mobile devices, we aim to provide a high-quality digital image processing experience that meets the needs and expectations for next generation imaging solutions. By creating tools that meet real needs, we will define the framework that becomes a de facto industry and consumer standard.

Morpho, Inc. President