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Morpho’s Software “PhotoSolid” and “MovieSolid” featured in Nextbit’s “Robin”

Tokyo, Japan – February 23, 2016 – Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing solutions, announced today that “PhotoSolid” and “MovieSolid” are featured in “Robin”, a first Android™ smartphone by Nextbit System Inc. (hereinafter,”Nextbit”), contributing with respect to image quality in low light conditions and video stabilization.

About “Robin”

Unlike anything before it, “Robin” has the cloud integrated right into Android OS. “Robin” is designed to feel effortless — reducing clutter and increasing usability. “Robin” backs up apps of users and photos whenever users are connected to power and Wi-Fi. (These are the default settings to conserve power and data, users can change them to be less restrictive.) When users run low on space, “Robin” archives the apps and photos users use least to make space for new things. If users ever want to open an archived app or photo, no problem. Just tap on its icon and the full version is restored right away.

About “Nextbit”

Nextbit was founded in 2013 by early Android veterans Tom Moss and Mike Chan, and is based in San Francisco. In order to produce a high-end, groundbreaking phone that would surmount common smartphone shortcomings, Moss and Chan brought on former HTC Corporation design lead Scott Croyle, best known for designing the iconic “HTC One” M7 and M8. Croyle was hired in 2014 and serves as Chief Design and Product Officer.

Nextbit investors include Google Ventures and Accel Partners.

Masayuki Urushiyama, an executive vice president of Global Sales & Marketing of Morpho, commented

“We expect that end users will have more enjoyable photo shooting experience, through Morpho's technologies within”

About the Product

"PhotoSolid" is an embedded software program for stabilizing a still image. It minimizes the amount of camera shakes and outputs a high-quality image at a high signal-to-noise ratio by combining multiple images that are taken by a fast shutter with a low exposure. It uses "SOFTGYRO“SOFTGYRO®”" for compensating camera shakes accurately among the multiple images and achieves industry’s top-class image stabilization. "PhotoSolid" is especially useful for night portrait, telephotography, and any other situations with hand jitters and likely camera shakes. Major manufacturers of smartphones and digital cameras have chosen "PhotoSolid" for their products in the global market.

"MovieSolid" is an embedded software program for stabilizing a video. It uses “SOFTGYRO®” for detecting motions accurately between consecutive image frames, and correcting them in up to 6 degrees of freedom (DOF: pitch, yaw, back/forth, rolling in x, y, z directions). Furthermore, “MovieSolid” is also capable of correcting geometric distortions (i.e., rolling shutter distortions) caused due to use of CMOS sensors. With an accelerometer and a gyro sensor, "MovieSolid" can obtain a better stabilization with less computational resources and lower power consumption.
*Inventions related to “SOFTGYRO” are patented in Japan, the U.S., Europe and Korea.
*Inventions related to “PhotoSolid” are patented in Japan, the U.S. and Europe.
*Inventions related to “MovieSolid” are patented in Japan and the U.S.
*“SOFTGYRO”, “PhotoSolid” and “MovieSolid” are registered trademarks of Morpho, Inc.
*“Morpho” and Morpho logo are registered trademarks of Morpho, Inc.
*“Android” is a trademark of Google Inc.
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