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Morpho’s Software “Morpho WDR™” Featured in LG G7 ThinQ of Flagship Smartphone


Tokyo, Japan – July 31, 2018– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing solutions, announced today that LG Electronics Inc. (hereinafter “LG"), a global enterprise of consumer electronics, has incorporated "Morpho WDR™" into LG G7 ThinQ, a flagship smartphone that has been launched recently. “Morpho WDR” is an embedded software program of Morpho for sophisticated dynamic range correction.

This marks the eleventh of the series of adoptions of a Morpho product by LG, which began with the incorporation of “Morpho HDR™” into LG G2 launched in 2013. Morpho’s excellent technology in image processing continues to support the qualitative improvements of LG products.

About “Morpho WDR”

Generally, smartphone cameras have a narrow dynamic range for representing the light-dark difference, which may cause so-called “blown out highlights” or “blocked up shadows”. “Morpho WDR” (, an embedded software program for dynamic range correction, can correct a dynamic range of colors by estimating it from a single image and applying local tone mapping with the use of Morpho’s unique technology.
(Example) Left: Input / Right: Output (Morpho WDR)

About LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company

The LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company is a global leader and trend setter in the mobile and wearable industry with breakthrough technologies and innovative designs. By continually developing highly competitive core technologies in the areas of display, camera optics, audio and battery. LG creates handsets and wearables that fit the lifestyles of a wide range of consumers all over the world. LG is seeking to provide a mobile experience that extends beyond the scope of traditional smartphones. For more information, visit

About Morpho, Inc.

Established in 2004, Morpho, Inc. has built substantial brand recognition in the field of software image processing for mobile devices. Our mission is to provide an environment where a creative group of individuals can develop new imaging technologies, and to introduce innovative technologies in a practical form that contributes to technological development and cultural enrichment. For more information, visit or contact