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Morpho Tops 3.5 Billion Licenses for Smartphone Image Processing Software


Tokyo, Japan –March12, 2021– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, is proud to announce that the total number of licenses for its smartphone-based image processing software had surpassed the 3.5 billion mark.

Morpho has seen growth in the number of implementations on smartphones and other devices for various AI-based products and image processing products, offering features such as blurring backgrounds in portrait photos, image stabilization, dynamic range correction, and high-resolution panoramic image stitching that have formed its mainstay since its founding.

Also gaining attention recently are imaging AI products from Morpho that were developed through cutting-edge AI technologies with image processing techniques. Those Technologies intended to fine-tune specific elements within images have been introduced as integrated components of Qualcomm’s latest flagship mobile platforms.

Morpho’s President, Masaki Hilaga, commented as follows:
“Despite the impact of US-China trade frictions and Covid-19, our technological development has progressed unabated, which was the key to reaching the milestone of 3.5 billion licenses. Looking ahead, in addition to the core smartphone market, we intend to expand on our foothold in new business areas globally by accelerating investment in leading-edge technology development for Smart City applications, such as for mobility and video surveillance and industrial IoT.”