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Deep Learning Inference Engine “SoftNeuro®” Is Compatible with the AI Accelerator of Renesas’ “R-Car” SoC: Realize Rapid Implementation and High-Speed Computing


Tokyo, Japan – December 10th, 2021– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing solutions and imaging AI solutions, announced today that “SoftNeuro®”, one of the world’s fastest deep learning inference engines, is now compatible with CNN-IP, the AI accelerator engine on the R-Car SoC for automotive from Renesas.


R-Car’s “CNN-IP” is an AI accelerator capable of high-speed processing that can meet these demands. On the other hand, “CNN-IP” requires a dedicated development environment to convert any AI learning model based on TensorFlow or ONNX into a format for “CNN-IP,” which requires a certain amount of man-hours to implement.


“SoftNeuro”, which is compatible with CNN-IP, optimizes AI learning models to an appropriate format for a dedicated development environment, and thus can execute high-speed operations immediately. As a result, the implementation period can be reduced to as little as one day.

The demo content of Renesas Automotive Days, a global online event hosted by Renesas and held from October to December this year, is posted on the following website.

・Demo content site:

・Functional introduction on YouTube:

About Deep Learning Inference Engine "SoftNeuro"

“SoftNeuro” supports major deep learning frameworks and performs faster processing in various edge-device environments. Since it is a general-purpose inference engine, it can be used not only for image recognition but also for speech recognition and text analysis.


“SoftNeuro” for Intel/Arm CPUs is available as a free trial service until December 31, 2021, for trial and non-commercial use (*1). You can download it from the following service page. (*2)

All users of the “SoftNeuro” free trial have an opportunity to answer the “User Questionnaire” and receive an `Amazon gift card` worth 1,000 yen. Do not miss this opportunity!


・Product page:

・Free trial service page:


*1: Non-commercial use means the following:

・Payments are not received in any way.

・Developed product is not intended for commercial use.

・Providing commercial services is not intended.

For details, refer to the terms of use (


*2: The “CNN-IP” compatible version of R-Car is not covered by the free trial service.


*Morpho and the Morpho logo are registered trademarks of Morpho, Inc.