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Morpho’s Bokeh Technology for Dual Cameras Adopted by Softbank’s “Simple Sumaho6” made by Sharp Corp.


Tokyo, Japan – June 10th, 2022– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, announced today that “Morpho Dual Camera Solutions™”, bokeh image generation using dual cameras, has been adopted for “Simple Sumaho6” manufactured by Sharp and released by SoftBank Corp.’s SoftBank.

“Morpho Dual Camera Solutions™” is a software that estimates the depth from images taken with a dual camera system and generates images with natural bokeh effects. This technology has been optimized for “Simple Sumaho6” upon adoption.

Because refinement for improving subject boundary is performed after AI depth estimation, blurred background with high accuracy can be generated even for non-person subjects.


In addition, this technology eliminates the need for factory calibration by performing calibrations on multiple devices in advance and using the calculated parameters for all units. This enables significant cost reduction and the adoption of high precision bokeh image generation.


Morpho will continue to develop innovative technologies that enable anyone to capture high-quality images easily using just a smartphone.


・About “Simple Sumaho6”:

About The Product

・Bokeh Image Generation using Dual Cameras “Morpho Dual Camera Solutions™”: