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Morpho Demonstrated Image Processing and AI Technologies at Intel Sponsored Event


Tokyo, Japan –November 29th, 2022– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, announced today that its image processing and AI technologies were introduced as an ISV partner solution in the 2022  Intel sponsored event This was an Intel NDA event held on November 9th and 10th 2022, demonstration of Morpho’s latest technologies “Intelligent Presentation Mode” was introduced.


While participants of video conference and lectures hope to view all presentation materials, whiteboard contents, and the speaker, it is difficult to prepare an environment that satisfies such needs. For a speaker, operating a laptop, writing on a whiteboard, and speaking simultaneously can be challenging.


“Intelligent Presentation Mode” is a total solution that contains the following AI and image processing technologies to implement smoother video conference processing. It enables the viewer to see the presentation material, whiteboard, and speakers at the same time with clear image quality.


Automatic framing technology adjusts the subject in the video so that it is always zoomed to the center.

Scanner is a corner detection and keystone correction technology.

Gesture recognition can recognize various hand gestures.

Super resolution technology provides sharper visual of the contents.


With Intel’s powerful inference engine OpenVINO, users can enjoy these features in real time with low power consumption.


With the uprising popularity of web conferencing due to the pandemic, solutions utilizing laptop built-in camera are attracting attention in the laptop market which has annual shipments of 300 million units.

With its technological capabilities and know-hows gained through the development of image processing technology for smartphones, Morpho will promote the development and provision of solutions for laptop built-in cameras to improve business efficiency and user experience on laptops.

About the Products

– Image Super-Resolution ” Morpho Super-Zoom™”:

– Noise Reduction in Video “Morpho Video Denoiser™”:

– DR-Corrected Image Generation “Morpho Video WDR™”:

– Rectangle Object Detection and Extraction “Morpho Scanner™”:

– Auto Framing in Video “Morpho Auto Framing™”: This technology automatically adjusts the subject (such as a person’s face) in the video so that it is always zoomed to the center. Multiple subjects are supported, and framing is adjusted smoothly even if the subject frames in or out during the video. It can be used with devices such as smartphones, PCs, and external cameras.