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Morpho Provides Development Support for Denso’s Dash Cam Video Analysis AI Technology


Tokyo, Japan – June 1st, 2023– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, announced today that it has provided technical support for dash cam video analysis AI technology developed by DENSO Corporation (hereinafter, “DENSO”). This AI technology will provide core functionality for DENSO’s AI driving analysis system.

DENSO’s AI driving analysis system is being used in an experimental study conducted in Toyota City from October 2022 to support safe driving for the elderly.


In the AI driving diagnosis system, video collected from the dash cam is uploaded to the cloud and analyzed. Based on the analyzed data, information such as dangerous driving behavior and potential risks are alerted to users to encourage safer driving.


The video analysis AI technology developed with Morpho’s support offers multiple functions such as “roadway recognition,” “object detection,” “traffic light detection,” and “driver condition estimation”. In addition to AI inference processing, Morpho’s unique image processing is implemented to supplement information that is difficult to accurately determine by AI alone. The combination of AI technology and image processing enables highly accurate collection of information from dash cam video, such as road conditions and driver conditions. They are used in providing useful feedback to users for safe driving.


Morpho will continue to contribute to solving real-world problems in the automotive and mobility fields, such as realizing a society with zero fatalities and injuries from traffic accidents, through collaboration with DENSO and the development of AI and image processing technologies.

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