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Morpho AI Solutions Chosen to Participate in Digital Agency Project


Tokyo, Japan – December 4th – Morpho AI Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter “Morpho AIS”), which is responsible for the commercialization of AI within the Morpho Group, announced today that it has been selected as a participant in a technology verification project entitled “Category 5: Verification of Periodic Inspection of Equipment Operating Conditions Using the IoT, Sensors, etc.” This project is being conducted as part of the “Investigative Research Directed at the Development of a Technology Roadmap (Technology Verification in Preparation for Review and Revision of Analogue Restrictions)” being conducted by Mitsubishi Research Institute on the behalf of the Digital Agency.

Objectives of This Technical Verification Project

The Digital Agency is implementing measures focused on eliminating analog restrictions that inhibit digitalization. The Digital Ad Hoc Administrative Reform Investigating Committee, which has met since 2021, has decided on a policy of reviewing and revising roughly 10,000 analogue regulations among existing laws and regulations which require visual confirmation, continuous on-site presence, or full-time presence by human personnel.

The “Category 5: Verification of Periodic Inspection of Equipment Operating Conditions Using the IoT, Sensors, etc.” technical verification project for which Morpho AIS has been tapped will explore regulatory approaches that could be taken, such as extending times between inspections, by using the IoT, sensors, communications devices, and other digital technologies to detect operational abnormalities in facilities or equipment in relation to periodic inspections, etc. The periodic inspections addressed in the project are inspections by enterprises or safety organizations to check for abnormalities and to confirm operating conditions in manufacturing facilities or equipment with the aim of preventing disasters or accidents in facilities or equipment involved in gas manufacturing or electrical power generation.


Morpho AIS is verifying the potential for using AI image analysis and cameras to remotely perform the visual site inspections of electrical facilities (hydropower plants, etc.) conducted by Oita Prefecture Public Enterprises Bureau power plant personnel and contractors. Specifically, it is verifying the confirmation of analogue devices (dial thermometers, dial pressure gauges, oil level gauges, bar-type thermometers, etc.).

The system proposed by Morpho AIS combines “Mimamori AI Duranta”, an AI camera solution, and analogue meter reading technologies that use the latest image processing technologies from Top Data Science Oy/Ltd.. It is being used to verify whether analogue devices can be remotely read at a hydropower plant managed by Oita Prefecture. The goal of this project is to contribute to future revisions to analog regulations.


For more information regarding technical verification project activities, please see the link below. (Japanese site)

Reference Information

– ”Mimamori AI Duranta”:

This AI camera solution promotes operational efficiency improvements, automation, remote monitoring, and safety management at plants and other facilities. It is used to build optimized systems based on customer requests and facility environments.


– Top Data Science Oy/Ltd.:

Top Data Science is a data science and software engineering company located in Finland. It focuses primarily on research and development in the fields of AI, computer vision, and data analytics.


– Analogue meter reading technologies:

These technologies use image processing technologies to detect analog instruments and read measurement values from images. They can be used to improve inspection efficiency and automate inspection operations, and they can also be applied to forecasting and analysis such as abnormality detection.

About Morpho AI Solutions, Inc.

Morpho AI Solutions is a company engaged in the commercialization of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It promotes the introduction and actual operation of cutting-edge AI technologies, including AI-OCR, in the areas of social infrastructure such as government, electric power, transportation, and manufacturing.

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