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Morpho AI Solutions’ FROG AI-OCR Used in Universal Business Technology’s Book Scanner Option Service


Tokyo, Japan – March 5th, 2024 – Morpho AI Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter “Morpho AIS”), which is responsible for the commercialization of AI within the Morpho Group, is proud to announce that FROG AI-OCR, its AI-OCR software for modern books, has been selected by Universal Business Technologies Corporation (UBTC) for use in an optional service for uses of its book scanner.

UBTC excels at providing nondestructive book scanners for universities, libraries, and government offices. Its services cover a wide range of fields, from book digitalization and microfilm archiving to supplying unique overseas IT devices to users in Japan.


Morpho AI Solutions and UBTC’s strengths are both being leveraged by this new optional service for book scanner users that utilizes FROG AI-OCR after scanning. This makes it possible to not simply create electronic images of scanned books and other documents, but to use AI-OCR functions to create text data for all documents, create PDFs with invisible text, convert old character forms and old kana orthography, improve searchability, and more.

With this service, everything from scanning to text data conversion can be performed in a single process, improving the efficiency of user operations.

Sample of Text Processing

Conventional OCR services have difficulty with scanning old character forms and old kana orthography, which are often found in modern literature, so they find text data conversion challenging. University libraries and regional libraries have many old documents that need to be scanned. FROG AI-OCR can process these documents without misreading text.

Comment from Kazuo Kato, CEO of UBTC

UBTC sells Bookeye, a nondestructive book scanner well-suited to scanning old and valuable documents, to research institutions such as universities, libraries, and government offices. Bookeye scans books while treating them delicately. FROG AI-OCR is an AI-OCR solution that can read texts that use old character forms and old kana orthography, which are common in old and valuable documents, so by combining these two products (hardware and software), we’re confident that our users will be able to enjoy service with an even higher level of quality.

Comment from Takeshi Kanda, CEO of Morpho AIS

UBTC’s Bookeye book scanner makes it possible to digitalize valuable materials while carefully protecting them, and Morpho AIS’s FROG AI-OCR can then convert that digital data, allowing it to be used in more sophisticated ways. This fusion of superb technologies dramatically improves both archive quality and accessibility. I am deeply honored to be able to work together through this collaboration to build the future of digital archiving.

UBTC's Book Scanner

The Bookeye 5 V2 Archive book scanner uses a 120°/180° book cradle and V-shaped plate glass, which comes standard, to achieve a greater level of flatness and scan old books, precious pre-war documents, and other books suffering from paper degradation while placing minimal burden on them. A flat glass plate is also available as an optional accessory, so the Bookeye 5 V2 Archive provides a universal scanning environment that supports a wide variety of documents.

Key features of the Bookeye 5 V2 Archive

– High resolution CCD image sensor

– Maximum scanning resolution of 600 dpi

– 460 x 620 mm (A2+14%) scanning area

– 120°/180° height gap-free book cradle and V-shaped glass plate

– 21-inch touch preview screen

– High speed scanning – Maximum speed of roughly 0.9 seconds per A2+ size page

– LED lamps eliminate glare, ultraviolet light, and infrared light

– Comes with Batch Scan Wizard


Video - Introducing FROG AI-OCR

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