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Morpho Launches “Morpho Visual Calibrator™” Driving Calibration Technology for In-Vehicle Cameras, Eliminating the Need for Factory Facilities and Boosting Development Efficiency


Tokyo, Japan –May 20th, 2024– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, announced that starting today, May 20, 2024, it would be offering “Morpho Visual CalibratorTM” driving calibration technology. “Morpho Visual Calibrator” uses AI to immediately infer camera positional relationships from in-vehicle video taken by an automobile while driving.


Current automobiles have numerous in-vehicle cameras and sensors, and they make use of automated driving technologies and advanced driver assistance systems (AD/ADAS).

On the other hand, as the number of cameras and sensors in each vehicle increases, the process of calibrating them (accurately measuring the positions and angles of each camera and sensor) grows more complex for automobile manufacturing factories. Furthermore, for automobile development sites, improving development efficiency in calibration processes is becoming a pressing issue.


Generally speaking, when cameras or sensors are installed in vehicle during the automobile manufacturing process, their installation positions, angles, lens performance, and other attributes will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Even differences as tiny as a few millimeters can have a significant impact on software process. This is why during the manufacturing process, highly accurate camera calibration must be performed based on the number of cameras, so that these individual differences can be compensated for. As the number of cameras and sensors increase, so has the cost of the facility in factory used for camera calibration.

“Morpho Visual Calibrator” helps solve this issue.

About driving calibration technology “Morpho Visual Calibrator”

“Morpho Visual Calibrator” is a calibration technology that uses AI to immediately infer the relationships among the positions of in-vehicle cameras based on the video they take while driving. Because this technology is based on driving calibration, it makes it possible to significantly streamline camera calibration facilities in factory manufacturing processes and to cut capital investment costs. As the number of cameras and sensors in next-generation increases, this state-of-the-art technology will grow even more essential.

Morpho have been planning to add support for calibration between various sensors and auto bodies (automobile coordinate systems) in the near future.

Application examples: Surround view cameras

“Morpho Visual Calibrator” works with various in-vehicle cameras and sensors, such as front, rear, right and left cameras. The example below shows the use of “Morpho Visual Calibrator” for driving calibration for surround view cameras (four cameras facing out in each direction).

In this example, images from the four surround view cameras are used to infer the relative positions of the cameras and accurately stitch together a camera image. “Morpho Visual Calibrator” uses AI, so it can calculate camera pose information with a high level of accuracy.

In this demo video, four cameras have been installed in a compact experimental Morpho vehicle (a rover).


The accuracy information for the Morpho environment is as shown below.

* This is a software product, and the result can be changed depending on the environment.


The product name “Morpho Deep Deblur” is a tentative name and is subject to change.