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Launch of a New Service That Combines Micware’s Video Recording Data Distribution Service and Morpho’s AI Video Summary Technology


Tokyo, Japan –May 20th, 2024– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, announced today that it will launch a new service as part of its business collaboration with Micware Co., Ltd.(hereinafter, “Micware”), with which it concluded a capital alliance in 2021. This new service will use “Morpho Video Summary”, Morpho’s AI video summary technology, to extract essential scenes from large amounts of video data collected by “MvcubeTM”, Micware’s video recording data distribution service.

“MvcubeTM” is a cloud service that collects various camera video. For example, in its safe driving support service, which it launched commercially in October 2023, it is collecting driving image data from dash cams installed in over 1,000 taxis operating within Tokyo.

“Morpho Video Summary” is an AI technology that summarizes and extracts only essential scenes from video data.


This collaboration has made it possible for users to extract only the scenes necessary for individual applications by using AI, from the massive amounts of video data collected using “MvcubeTM”.

Taxi dash cams can record thousands and thousands of hours of video, but with this service, users can extract only the scenes they truly need. (for example, collecting data for any cloud services or collecting AI training data).

Application Examples

(Example 1)

* Data extraction: live scenes which are not available on standard map data

– Extraction of scenes of traffic jams, automobile accidents, and construction sites

– Extraction of seasonal scenes (information on blooming of cherry blossoms, snowfall information, etc.)

* Usage purposes: Cloud services that overlay and visually display the above information on its map, etc.


(Example 2)

* Data extraction: specific driving scenes

– scenes of passing cars

– scenes of street intersections

* Usage purposes: AI learning data used for automated driving, etc.


* The above examples include applications which would require additional development to realize.

About recorded data distribution service "Mvcube™"

“MvcubeTM” is a service that collects and distributes video data from various perspectives. It focuses on specific scenes, locations, and times, supplying optimal mobility video data, surveillance camera data, and so on.

It collaborates with multiple information services including providers of information on weather/natural disasters, mobility/mobile devices, roads, and facilities to narrow down the places to be monitored. Footage from various cameras installed throughout cities, including vehicle dash cam, surveillance/security cameras, smartphones, and more is analyzed, and only screened images are selected and collected in the Mvcube cloud.

About AI Video Summary Technology “Morpho Video Summary™”

“Morpho Video Summary™” enables AI to extract only appropriate scenes from a vast amount of video data, thereby reducing data volume and contributing to operational efficiency. In addition, video analysis results from various other detection engines can be combined and prioritized by each engine to realize complex summary rule settings tailored to the application.

Video – Introducing “Morpho Video Summary”


* The product name “Morpho Video Summary” is a tentative name and is subject to change.

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