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“Morpho Deep Deblur™” AI Image Sharpening Technology Now Runs on Hailo Edge AI Processors: Real-time, High-speed Inference Enabled


Tokyo, Japan –May 21st, 2024– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, announced today that “Morpho Deep DeblurTM”, AI image sharpening technology, now runs on Hailo-8TM Edge AI Processor from Hailo Technologies Ltd. (hereinafter “Hailo”).

“Morpho Deep Deblur” is an image sharpening technology that uses AI to eliminate various types of blurs (due to camera shake or image areas that are out of focus) to provide clear image. Because “Morpho Deep Deblur” requires a high AI computation power, real-time processing has been difficult to achieve.

Morpho performed testing to verify if Hailo-8, which has a computational capacity of up to 26 tera operations per second (TOPS), was capable of running “Morpho Deep Deblur” processing in real time. The result was amazing. With Hailo-8, “Morpho Deep Deblur” was able to perform real-time high-speed inference at a rate of 50 fps (pre/post processing and inference processing) *.


*Measured with the following conditions.

 - AI processor: Hailo-8 M.2 AI Acceleration Module, PCIe connection Gen-3.0, 4 lanes (used for inference processing)

 - CPU: Intel core i7 7567 (used for pre/post processing)

 - Image size: 800pixel (width), 600pixel (height)

 - Measurement method: Calculated from average time of 100 cycles of pre/post processing and inference processing


Morpho will continue to pursue future AI product collaborations with Hailo.

Comment from Nori Kojima, General Manager of Hailo Japan

We are excited to partner with Morpho to demonstrate Morpho Deep Deblur™ on Hailo-8. This partnership brings innovation to solve complex AI base image enhancement, enabling us to further address the rapidly growing need for efficient and reliable technologies that process visual images. This new integration combines Morpho’s wide range of blurring technology and our Hailo-8 automotive grade AI accelerator to offer industry-leading performance per watt solution.

Use Cases

In recent years, there has been an increasingly prominent need within the automotive market for image enhancement software technologies that take low-resolution video images from In-Vehicle cameras and display them as clear images on large display monitors (HMI).

Combining “Morpho Deep Deblur” with Hailo-8 will implement real-time, high-accuracy sharpening of video from In-Vehicle cameras.


By using Hailo-8 as an add-on AI accelerator to SoCs already being used by customers, users can use “Morpho Deep Deblur” without making changes to their existing SoCs. This technology can be utilized in non-automotive fields as well.

About “Morpho Deep Deblur”

Various factors, such as camera shake or focus issues, can cause blurring in camera images. That is why “Morpho Deep Deblur” offers four different blur correction AI models, to perform the type of blur correction that is most effective depending on what caused the blur. This makes it possible to achieve accurate image quality correction.

Morpho also offers blur correction AI model customization services based on the processing requirements of individual customers.

About Hailo-8™ Edge AI Processors

Hailo-8TM Edge AI Processors are AI processors for edge devices. It features a computation capacity as high as 26 tera operations per second (TOPS).

 - Product page:

About Hailo Technologies Ltd.

Hailo is an AI chip manufacturer from Israel. It supplies edge AI processors with some of the industry’s highest levels of performance for use in fields such as the automotive (ADAS and automated driving), smart city, smart home, smartphone, and smart factory fields.

 - Website:

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