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Announcement of Business Alliance with Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan - August 18, 2014 – Morpho, Inc., a global leader in software image processing solutions for mobile devices, has passed a resolution to form a business alliance with Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd. (“Thundersoft”) in its board meeting held on Aug. 18th, 2014. Details of the business alliance are stated blow.

1. Purpose of Business Alliance
As smartphone market, Morpho's primary business domain, rapidly expands with manufacturers overseas extending their market shares, fast growth in shares of Chinese companies is most prominent. Considering this market change, Morpho has challenges to reach out to Chinese manufacturers to win additional business and reinforcing sales team to develop new business. By forming business alliance with Thundersoft, who has track record in OS development and optimization for smartphone/semiconductor manufacturers and wide sales network in China,Morpho aims to gain future opportunities in the Chinese market.

2. Details of Business Alliance
(1)Sales activity towards Chinese manufacturers Thundersoft will engage in sales activity of Morpho products to Chinese manufacturers.
(2)Outsourcing of technical support for Chinese manufacturers Morpho will outsource product technical support for Chinese customers to Thundersoft.

3. Outline of Thundersoft
(1) Name : Thunder Software Technology Co.,Ltd.
(2) Location : 4floor, Taixiang Building, 1A# Longxiang Road, Haidian District,Beijing 100191, China
(3)Title and Name of Representative : Zhao Hongfei, Chairman

About Morpho, Inc.:

Established in 2004, Morpho, Inc. has built substantial brand recognition in the field of software image processing for mobile devices. Customers utilizing Morpho, Inc.’s software technologies include carriers, processing platform providers and mobile device manufacturers making the company a global player in mobile imaging. For more information visit or contact