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Morpho, Inc. Announces License of Image Processing Software to HTC

Tokyo, Japan – Nov. 9, 2012 – Morpho, Inc., a global leader in software image processing solutions for mobile devices, today announced that it has licensed its products to HTC Corporation, hereafter HTC, for use in their smartphones. Morpho will provide its image processing software, including noise reduction technology “Morpho Denoiser™” and high dynamic range technology “Morpho HDR™.” HTC will be having Morpho’s image processing software on their future models.

Morpho Denoiser™

“Morpho Denoiser™” reduces noise components from a single frame. By expanding the pixels referenced, noise reduction is performed effectively with high speed. Furthermore, it separates color and luminance components to reduce noise but keeps the color tone with details at the same time, thus generating a beautiful image.

Morpho HDR™

When a picture with proper exposure time is over-saturated or has dark shadows, “Morpho HDR™” composes a brightness-adjusted image by layering multiple images with different exposure time. It also corrects alignments automatically so there is no need for users to use a tripod. “Morpho HDR™” performs ghost removal at the same time to correct the outline of the moving object providing a clear image without blurs.
* “Morpho Denoiser” and “Morpho HDR” are trademarks of Morpho, Inc.
* “HDR” stands for High Dynamic Range.
*All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About Morpho, Inc.:

Established in 2004, Morpho, Inc. has built substantial brand recognition in the field of software image processing for mobile devices. Customers utilizing Morpho, Inc.’s software technologies include carriers, processing platform providers and mobile device manufacturers making the company a global player in mobile imaging. For more information visit or contact