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Training Data for AI Development

We sell training data for AI (artificial intelligence) development. We have a wealth of training data (2000 TB in total), such as audio and text, annotated on images and videos owned by our partners, for AI development.

Function or Purpose

  • Training data for AI development


  • We will provide data that meets your requirements from the training data that our partners already possess.
  • If there is no existing training data that meets your needs, we can collect data from scratch and annotate it.
  • It is also possible to annotate the data owned by your company according to your preference.

Product Details

Morpho sells training data for AI (artificial intelligence). We sell a wealth of text, audio, image and video data for AI-development, which amounts to a total volume of 2000 TB, centering on owned by our partners.

Types of training Data Services for AI Development

● Existing learning data

  • From the training data already owned by our partners, we will provide the data in accordance with your requests.


● Customized training data
We also provide the following data services, according to your request:

  • If there is no existing training data that meets your needs, we collect data from scratch and perform annotation (data tagging) tasks.
  • We will annotate (tag data) data that are owned by your company, according to your preference.

Industry areas covered:

● Security and crime prevention
● Smart homes
● Mobile
● Automotive
● Customer service

The Format to Provide the Product

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