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Congestion Analysis

Morpho Crowd Counting™

“Morpho Crowd Counting™” is a technique for analyzing the degree of congestion (due to the presence of people) in images.

Use Case

  • Surveillance camera

Function or Purpose

  • Specific object recognition
  • Congestion situation analysis


  • Ability to estimate the number of persons in a scene using existing security cameras.
  • Count up to thousands of people in crowds.
  • By visualizing congestion as a heat map, it is possible to identify areas with a high degree of congestion.

Product Details

“Morpho Crowd Counting™” analyzes video from surveillance cameras and automatically counts the number of people in the scene using AI.
Avoiding congestion and maintaining a distance between people in restaurants, offices, event spaces, etc. is vital for preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Using this technology, you can understand the degree of congestion in realtime and use it for various applications such as reducing damage due to congestion, restricting entrance to the site, and calling for visotors’ attention.
It can also be used to improve the deployment of guides, etc. in facilities, improve the efficiency of monitoring operations, and monitor quantitative congestion.

The Format to Provide the Product

"Morpho Crowd Counting™" can be provided as a set of Python scripts, a Docker Image, etc. Please contact our representative for details.