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Object Tracking

Morpho Deep Tracker™

“Morpho Deep Tracker” is a general-purpose object tracking engine using deep learning technology. While it can be used for real-time tracking in smartphones, it can also support applications that require accuracy, such as video editing.

Use Case

  • Self-driving / On-board camera
  • Video production
  • Factory automation
  • Smartphone / tablet
  • Surveillance camera
  • Ship / Train / Airplane
  • Autonomous vehicle

Function or Purpose

  • Object tracking


  • A general-purpose object tracking engine that can track not only faces and people, but also animals and objects.
  • Real-time operation on a smartphone (less than 20 ms per frame).
  • Robust in the presence of camera movement, translation, scaling, and brightness changes.

Product Details

“Morpho Deep Tracker” is a general-purpose object tracking engine that uses deep learning technology. Real-time operation on smartphones is realized by utilizing the inference engine “SoftNeuro®”. Applications that require high accuracy such as video editing by setting parameters are also supported. A general-purpose object tracking engine allows you to track a variety of objects, not just faces and people, but also animals, balls, cars, and more. The camera and tracked object can be moved not only vertically and horizontally, but also in the depth direction. The tracker is robust to brightness changes in the shooting environment. It is also possible to track multiple objects simultaneously, depending on the processing power of the platform. For example, when combined with face detection using our object detection engine, “Morpho Deep Detector™”, tracking multiple faces on video is possible. This is useful for automating mosaic and wipe operations. There is also a high-accuracy version of Morpho Deep Tracker that limits tracking to a specific object.

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The Format to Provide the Product

Library files and technical documentation for application development are provided to suit your operating environment. Please contact our representative for details.