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Automatic Mask Generation Software “FACE Target”

FACE Target

“FACE Target” is a technology that uses Deep Learning to detect and track human faces and automatically extracts the coordinates of the mask candidates. It can be used for face tracking that the editing process for privacy protection and can be used to mosaic or blur a person’s face.

Use Case

  • Video production

Function or Purpose

  • Object detection
  • Object tracking


  • A system that uses Deep Learning-based face detection and tracking technology
  • Minimum number of keyframe mask coordinates can be extracted
  • Available as plugin for non-linear editing software

Product Details

“FACE Target” makes the task of mask generation that conventional methods are time-consuming more efficient with AI. It can be used in conjunction with non-linear editing software to adjust the size and position of the mask and process effects such as mosaic.
*”FACE Target” is a product jointly developed by Morpho, Inc. and 3MIM CO., LTD. (Third meme [/miːm/]).


About 3MIM CO., LTD.
3MIM is a member of the Nouvelle Group, a one-stop provider of comprehensive video create services from video production to recording and editing, furthermore offers consulting services related to AI development for video production work, system planning and development for automation of broadcasting operations, and design and sales.


3MIM Home Page:
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The Format to Provide the Product

Adobe After Effects plugin (Suported to Adobe After Effects 2019 or later)