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Focus-Adjustable Image Generation

Morpho Refocus™

“Morpho Refocus” is an embedded software that allows a user to change the center of focus of an image.

Use Case

  • Smartphone / tablet

Function or Purpose

  • Background bokeh


  • Proprietary synthesis technology enables generation of images (all-focus images and EDoF images) focused on the entire angle of view.
  • You can also generate images focused on a given region.

Product Details

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“Morpho Refocus” is an embedded software program for allowing a user to change the focus center on an image. The software takes multiple images as an input and generates the depth map of the scene, which allows a user to choose where to be focused and defocused. “Morpho Refocus” can also generate an all-focused image.


There are two ways to shoot.
① Focus bracketing method: Generates a depth map by shooting multiple images with a changed focus distance.
② Slide photography method: Estimates parallax and generates a depth map by continuously shooting while moving the device in either the up, down, left, or right direction after still photography.

The Format to Provide the Product

Please contact us for more information on the current development status of "Morpho Refocus".