Visual SLAM

Visual SLAM

Product Summary

Visual SLAM(Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is a technology to generate a 3D environment map while simultaneously locating its own position based on the image captured from camera. This technology enables robots to drive autonomously without GPS signal. The video above shows the map generation and autonomous driving using Visual SLAM technology.

Combining above technology developed by Qoncept, Inc. and Morpho’s imaging technology, we are exploring application in various fields for new business opportunities.
Examples of technology application:
・Automatic Guided Vehicle
・Space Robot
・Service Robot

■About Qoncept, Inc.
Qoncept, Inc. is an R&D start-up company spun out from Osaka University. Members with high technical competence strive to enhance imaging technology focusing on AR (Augmented Reality) from research level to commercial level for further prevalence into real world. Qoncept’s proprietary imaging technologies, such as marker-less tracking for AR, machine learning based tracking, and self-localization identification with Visual SLAM, are accepted in wide range of fields like broadcasting, sports, construction, drones and embedded devices.
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Providing Form

"Visual SLAM" provides a library file and technical documents, etc. for application development to suit your operating environment . For more information, please contact our representative.