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Morpho Wins the Award for Three Consecutive Years from Edge AI and Vision Alliance
Image Quality Optimization by AI based Segmentation and Pixel Filtering Technology was Selected as the Best AI Software/Algorithm Award


Tokyo, Japan –June 4, 2020– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, has been named as the winner of Best AI Software/Algorithm Award for "Morpho Semantic Filtering™", image quality optimization by AI (artificial intelligence) based segmentation and pixel filtering, in a Vision Product of the Year Award hosted by Edge AI and Vision Alliance which consists of 100 edge AI leading companies worldwide.

Since the award was launched in 2018, Morpho has been the winner of the award for three consecutive years among many of its entries from the Edge-AI industry.

"Morpho Semantic Filtering" uses semantic segmentation technology powered by AI to recognize the meaning of each pixel in an image, sort them by category and perform image processing, such as noise reduction, edge enhancement or defocusing, appropriately for each category.
This new technology thus improves image quality, with its ability to process increasing image clarity, and preventing deterioration of the details and textures' resolution, which should be preserved, of each object within the image.

“I congratulate Morpho on being selected for this prestigious award by our panel of independent judges,” said Jeff Bier, founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. “Although deep neural networks have advanced rapidly, effective solutions to real-world problems often blend deep learning with other techniques, as Morpho has done with Morpho Semantic Filtering.”

Mr. Hilaga, President and Chief Executive Officer of Morpho, commented as follows:
"We've gotten a great prize on Morpho products for three years in a row. We've initiated this product development as technologies optimized for the platform of Qualcomm, the leader in smartphone technologies. We will continue to collaborate with Qualcomm to develop advanced technologies and products which lead the edge AI industry."

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About “Edge AI and Vision Alliance”

Edge AI and Vision Alliance (formerly Embedded Vision Alliance) established in 2011, has been connecting both technology providers and end product manufacturers to accelerate the adoption of edge AI and vision in products. Today, more than 100 leading companies in the edge AI industry are participating as members.
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About Morpho, Inc.

Established in 2004, Morpho is a research and development oriented company in AI (artificial intelligence) and image processing technologies. It has globally expanded its advanced image processing technology as embedded software focused on the smartphone and semiconductor markets. It has also provided image recognition technology utilizing AI for automotive and industrial IoT markets. Morpho delivers a wide range of innovations and supports to the customers across the world. For more information, visit


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