Image Quality Optimization by AI Based Segmentation and Pixel Filtering

Morpho Semantic Filtering™

Product Summary

"Morpho Semantic Filtering" uses semantic segmentation technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize the meaning of each pixel in an image, sort them by category and perform image processing, such as noise reduction, edge enhancement or defocusing, appropriately for each category.
This new technology thus improves image quality, with its ability to process increasing image clarity, and preventing deterioration of the details and textures' resolution, which should be preserved, of each object within the image.

In regard to segmentation, "Morpho Semantic Filtering" can identify the meaning of pixels for diverse categories, such as a person’s hair and skin, fabrics such as clothes, among others.

Providing Form

"Morpho Semantic Filtering" provides a library file and technical documents, etc. for application development to suit your operating environment. For more information, please contact our representative.


Vision Product of the Year Awards 2020

Vision Product of the Year Awards 2020