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Morpho Releases a New Version of AI-based Object Detection, “Morpho Deep Detector™ 3.0”


Tokyo, Japan – December 21th, 2022– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, announced today that version 3.0 of “Morpho Deep Detector™” is now released. It is a general-purpose API library for AI-based object detection tasks.


In AI-based applications, object detection tasks are widely used as a fundamental technology. Examples of applications include pedestrians and vehicles detections in automated driving (AD) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) which use in-vehicle cameras in the automotive field. In-vehicle cameras are also used for the recognition of occupants and objects. In the field of surveillance cameras, they are widely used to recognize people and their conditions.


Morpho has updated its object detection engine “Morpho Deep Detector™” to enable its use in such a wide range of applications.


– Object detection library “Morpho Deep Detector™”:

Updates in "Morpho Deep Detector"

(1) Updated "SoftNeuro®", a built-in AI inference engine.

The latest version of “SoftNeuro”, a fast inference engine, is built into the “Morpho Deep Detector”. It supports a variety of hardware (CPU, GPU, and various AI accelerators). By maximizing the use of hardware resources, it realizes highly accurate object detection at high speed while keeping power consumption low.


– AI inference engine “SoftNeuro”:

(2) AI model capable of detecting 80 items is included as a standard model

The learning model included in the product has been redesigned, and it is now capable of detecting 80 items*. In addition, the learning model can now be switched among five levels for pursuing detection accuracy or processing speed, depending on the application. This provides more options to users and allows more freedom in application development.

Morpho will continue to promote the product for use in the automotive/mobility field, surveillance camera/security field, and other applications.

*List of 80 detectable items (Available on the product page)

Person Road-related Tableware 60 bed
1 person 20 traffic light 40 bottle 61 dining table
Vehicle 21 fire hydrant 41 wine glass 62 toilet
2 bicycle  22 stop sign 42 cup 63 sink
3 car  23 parking meter 43 fork Home
4 motorcycle 24 bench 44 knife 64 laptop
5 airplane Portable
45 spoon 65 mouse 
6 bus  25 backpack 46 bowl 66 remote
7 train  26 umbrella Food 67 keyboard
8 truck 27 handbag 47 banana 68 cell phone
9 boat 28 tie 48 apple 69 microwave
Animal 29 suitcase 49 sandwich 70 oven
10 bird Sporting
50 orange 71 toaster
11 cat 30 frisbee 51 broccoli 72 tv
12 dog 31 skis 52 carrot 73 refrigerator
13 horse  32 snowboard 53 hot dog General
14 sheep 33 sports ball 54 pizza 74 book
15 cow 34 kite 55 donut 75 clock
16 elephant 35 baseball bat 56 cake 76 vase
17 bear 36 baseball glove Furniture 77 scissors
18 zebra  37 skateboard  57 chair 78 teddy bear
19 giraffe 38 surfboard 58 couch 79 hair drier
39 tennis racket 59 potted plant 80 toothbrush