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“MovieSolid®” Has Been Adopted by Sharp’s Monitoring and Exercise Management Solution “i-wellebe”


Tokyo, Japan – November 28th, 2023– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, announced today that “MovieSolid®”, image stabilization technology for video has been adopted by “i-wellebe”, a new monitoring /exercise management solution for business from Sharp Corporation (hereinafter, “Sharp”).

“i-wellebe” is a healthcare solution developed using Sharp’s proprietary non-contact healthcare sensing technology. This solution uses a dedicated device capable of non-contact sensing using a camera and infrared sensor to simultaneously authenticate the subject’s face (attendance check), acquire Sharp’s proprietary measurement data, and automatically upload it to the cloud. (The device cannot be used for medical purposes (disease diagnosis, treatment, prevention, etc.).


By using “MovieSolid” with this device, camera shake during measurement is minimized for smooth data collection. “i-wellebe” enables face recognition, measurement, and automatic recording of data by simply pointing a camera at the face. This helps to improve the work efficiency of staff at nursing homes and sports facilities as well as reducing the burden on facility users.


Morpho will continue to contribute to the improvement of usability by providing image processing and other technologies not only for smartphones but also for various other devices.


*”i-wellebe” is a trademark of Sharp.


– Video Stabilization “MovieSolid®” product page:

Comment from Yoshitomo Akagi, Senior Manager, Smart Business Promotion Division, Plasmacluster・Healthcare Business Division, Smart Appliances & Solutions BU, Sharp Corporation

“With our i-wellebe, sensing is performed by simply pointing the device’s camera at the subject. It is only with the support of advanced image stabilization technology such as MovieSolid that we were able to reduce the influence of noise from the body movements of the person being measured and to capture changes in facial color over time that cannot be seen by the human eye from the video image acquired by the camera.”

Comment from Sho Yamamoto, General Manager, Business Solutions Department, Morpho, Inc.

“We believe that the adoption of “MovieSolid” for Sharp’s new healthcare device, i-wellebe, has opened up a new range of applications and further possibilities of our technology. We hope that our products will be more useful than ever in improving the usability of various products and services, and contribute to the creation of a richer society in the future.”

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