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Video Stabilization, High-speed Video Generation

MovieSolid®, Morpho Hyperlapse™

“MovieSolid” and “Morpho Hyperlapse” are electronic image stabilization and high-speed reproduction technologies for moving pictures, utilizing IMU sensor data or motion detection technology “SOFTGYRO®“.

Use Case

  • Self-driving / On-board camera
  • Video production
  • Structure deterioration diagnosis
  • Smartphone / tablet
  • Surveillance camera
  • Ship / Train / Airplane
  • Autonomous vehicle
  • Drone
  • Telephoto lens
  • Multi camera

Function or Purpose

  • Image stabilization
  • Hyperlapse


  • High-performance blur compensation and Rolling Shutter distortion correction based on motion-detection, by utilizing IMU sensor and “SOFTGYRO®
  • Equipped with a function to correct rolling shutter distortion specific to CMOS image sensors
  • High-definition time lapse movie recording and playback with less blur and easy viewing
  • Compensates wide-angle lens distortion

Product Details

“MovieSolid” is an embedded software program for stabilizing a video. It uses “SOFTGYRO®” for accurately detecting motions between consecutive image frames, correcting them in up to 6 degrees of freedom (pitch, yaw, roll, and translations in x, y, z directions). The software is also capable of correcting geometric distortions (i.e., rolling shutter distortions) due to CMOS sensors. With an accelerometer and GYRO sensor, “MovieSolid” can obtain better stabilization with less computational resources and low power consumption.


・Image stabilization
 ‐ uses only image data
 ‐ can provide higher accuracy by using additional sensor data

・Distortion correction
 ‐ Rolling shutter distortion correction
 ‐ Wide angle distortion correction

・High-speed processing
 ‐ Runs on mobile devices in real-time
 ‐ Works on low-end devices as well
 ‐ Supports delegating processing from CPUs to GPU
 ‐ Supports 4K video

“Morpho Hyperlapse” uses MovieSolid for stabilizing a video and generates a high-quality time-lapse video with a smooth transition of fast-forwarding.

* Time lapse: A movie that can be viewed in a quicker flow than the actual recording time is called a “time lapse movie”.

The Format to Provide the Product

"Library files and technical documentation for application development are provided to suit your operating environment. Please contact our representative for details.