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Morpho AI Solutions Begins Offering the Duranta Analog Meter Remote Monitoring and Automatic Analysis Service Used by the Digital Agency in Its Analog Regulation Revision Project


Tokyo, Japan – April 16th, 2024 – Morpho AI Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter “Morpho AIS”), which is responsible for the commercialization of AI within the Morpho Group, is pleased to announce that starting today, April 16, it will be offering its “Duranta Analog Meter Remote Monitoring and Automatic Analysis Service”. This service has previously been used in the Technology Map Preparation Investigative Research Project (Technical Verification Aimed at Revising Analog Regulations) (hereinafter referred to as the “Technical Verification Project”) commissioned by the Digital Agency.

Duranta uses AI to perform image processing and analysis of camera video of analog meters to automatically read meters. This digitalizes the analog meter inspection process, which was previously handled on-site, thereby enabling remote monitoring and automatic analysis.


* Duranta Analog Meter Remote Monitoring and Automatic Analysis Service:

Features of the Duranta Analog Meter Remote Monitoring and Automatic Analysis Service

(1) Capable of performing simultaneous analysis of multiple analog meters using a single camera

(2) Automatic correction for camera tilt in situations where cameras cannot be placed directly in front of meters due to limitations placed by the installation environment

(3) Versatile design supports various types of meters

(4) Automatically issues an alert when an abnormal value is detected

The Digital Agency's Efforts to Revise Analog Regulations

The Digital Agency is implementing measures focused on eliminating analog restrictions that inhibit digitalization.
Morpho AIS was selected to take part in the Digital Agency’s “Category 5: Verification of Periodic Inspection of Equipment Operating Conditions Using the IoT, Sensors, etc.” technical verification project. In this project, Morpho AIS verified the potential for using camera video and image analysis to remotely perform the inspections of electrical facilities (hydropower plants, etc.) conducted by Oita Prefecture Public Enterprises Bureau power plant personnel and contractors that are normally performed on-site. Specifically, it verified the remote confirmation of analogue devices (dial thermometers, dial pressure gauges, oil level gauges, bar-type thermometers, etc.).

Results of the Technical Verification Project

In the Shimoaka Power Plant and Kitagawa Power Plant Site Verification Project, managed by the Oita Prefecture Public Enterprises Bureau, analog meter reading technologies leveraging Morpho AIS’s Duranta AI camera solution and Top Data Science’s image processing technologies were used to perform 92 readings of a total of 41 analog meters of various different types. 83.7% of the meter readings were successful.

Various environmental factors, such as brightness, filming angle, filming distance, and the number of meters being read, were adjusted, and a total of 92 readings were performed. For meters read in rooms with the lights on, these readings were successful 93.6% of the time.

Comments from the Verification Project Leader: Yusuke Furukawa, Director and COO of Morpho AI

Until now, the monitoring of analog meters has been a labor and time-intensive activity because it needed to be performed by human workers. Having machines perform this work instead can free up time that people can devote to the work they truly should be doing. I believe this represents a very meaningful change.

The benefits of digitalizing operations don’t end there, though. Data can also be leveraged to produce added value, helping create a variety of new opportunities.

Solutions which use AI and image analysis on camera video to extract data and then produce results from that data are an excellent match for this area, so we will continue to develop services that can take the place of various analog operations and contribute to the growth and advancement of enterprises.

About AI Camera Solution “Duranta”

Duranta software applies AI models and image processing to camera video input based on various use cases. In addition to Duranta Analog Meter Remote Monitoring and Automatic Analysis, there is also Mimamori AI Duranta, which is used to detect falls and other objects and phenomena. Duranta can be used on-premise or via the cloud, depending on the use case.

The Digital Agency’s technical verification project examined the use case of remotely monitoring and analyzing analog meters, so Morpho AI set up a cloud-based system.

One of the features of the system was that video, such as recorded video, was transmitted via peer-to-peer connections by local recording equipment, minimizing data storage needs and transmission costs.


・”Mimamori AI Duranta”:


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About Morpho AI Solutions, Inc.

Morpho AI Solutions is a company engaged in the commercialization of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It promotes the introduction and actual operation of cutting-edge AI technologies, including AI-OCR and AI camera, in the areas of social infrastructure such as government, electric power, transportation, and manufacturing.

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