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Frame Interpolation

Morpho Frame Interpolator™

“Morpho Frame Interpolator” can estimate motion and automatically generate intermediate frames to produce high-frame rate video from video captured at a low frame rate. This allows you to generate a smooth slowmotion video.

Use Case

  • Self-driving / On-board camera
  • Video production
  • Smartphone / tablet

Function or Purpose

  • Frame interpolation
  • Slow motion


  • Slow video up to 4x can be generated.
  • Supports not only 2K video but also 4K Video.
  • Supports high frame rate input video up to 240 fps.

Product Details

Morpho Frame Interpolator can generate high frame rate video from video captured at a low frame rate, and can also generate smooth slow video. In addition, it supports not only 2K video but also 4K video and high frame rate video of 240fps, enabling high-speed processing.


“Morpho Frame Interpolator” is incorporated into “Morpho Video Processing Solutions™” video processing solution package as one of the video processing technologies.

The Format to Provide the Product

Library files and technical documentation for application development are provided to suit your operating environment. Please contact our representative for details.