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Pose Estimation

Morpho Pose Estimator™, Morpho Pose Estimator™ for DMS

“Morpho Pose Estimator” uses Deep Learning, a key technology in AI, to estimate human poses on images with high precision. “Morpho Pose Estimator for DMS” is a pose estimation technology optimized for in-cabin DMS (Driver Monitoring System) applications.

Use Case

  • Self-driving / On-board camera
  • Medical testing and diagnostic support
  • Surveillance camera
  • Autonomous vehicle

Function or Purpose

  • Pose estimation


  • Eighteen keypoints that denote the human body pose can be detected.
  • Unlike conventional motion capture technology, it is not necessary to mount markers for posture estimation.
  • Detection is possible even with low-resolution or black-and-white images, and when complex backgrounds are visible.

Product Details

Morpho Pose Estimator

“Morpho Pose Estimator” uses Deep Learning, a key technology in artificial intelligence (AI), to estimate human body poses with high precision. It yields higher accuracy and precision than existing technologies. “Morpho Pose Estimator” can detect 18 feature points (nose, eyes, ears, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles) when estimating human poses. In cases where multiple persons are captured in a single image, Pose Estimation detects these feature points for each person.


There is no need to have subjects wear markers as is the case with existing motion capture technology. In addition, the software is capable of detection even in the case of low resolution images, black and white images, and images with complex backgrounds and can, therefore, be used even with images taken on an ordinary camera.


Morpho developed “Morpho Pose Estimator” in collaboration with Top Data Science Ltd.


About Top Data Science Ltd.
Top Data Science is a Finnish data science company focusing on AI powered Computer Vision and Deep Learning solutions, technologies and development services. The company is working and partnering with several corporate customers in technology, healthcare and IIoT. Top Data Science is based in Helsinki, Finland.
・Company Website :

Morpho Pose Estimator for DMS

“Morpho Pose Estimator for DMS” is a pose estimation technology optimized for DMS (Driver Monitoring System) applications.
In recent years, DMS has been attracting attention as a system for minimizing the risk of accidents by installing cameras inside passenger cars to capture the facial expressions and movements of occupants, and detecting side glances, dozing, and drowsiness.
The difference between DMS version and “Morpho Pose Estimator” is that the pose estimation range is limited to the upper body, and the system learns from in-cabin camera images. By specializing in in-cabin applications, it has achieved higher speed and accuracy.


The Format to Provide the Product

Please contact us for more information on the current development status of "Morpho Pose Estimator" and "Morpho Pose Estimator for DMS".