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Video Stabilization Utilizing Depth Information

MovieSolid® 3D

“MovieSolid® 3D”(*) is an electronic video stabilization technology that utilizes depth information and minimizes vertical bounce effect.

Use Case

  • Self-driving / On-board camera
  • Video production
  • Smartphone / tablet
  • Ship / Train / Airplane
  • Autonomous vehicle

Function or Purpose

  • Image stabilization


  • Minimizes vertical bounce effect that cannot be fully compensated for by conventional video stabilization.
  • Specialized hardware and multiple lenses are unnecessary.

Product Details

Conventional EIS only suppresses camera’s rotational motion (roll, pitch and yaw). Newly-developed “MovieSolid 3D” suppresses camera’s translational motion in addition to the rotational motion.


Generally, video stabilization is realized by electronic stabilization and/or optical stabilization. Electronic video stabilization mainly suppresses rotational motion, while optical video stabilization suppresses translational motion by moving the lens and image sensor. However, optical video stabilization has a limited mechanical drive range, so it cannot suppress vertical bounce effect that occurs when walking which may leave up-down motion in the video.


“MovieSolid 3D” estimates the amount of camera’s translational motion by calculating depth information from image in consecutive frames and IMU sensor information. This leads powerful reduction of vertical bounce effect that cannot be fully compensated for by conventional video stabilization. As a result, much smoother video is generated. This allows users to shoot smoother videos without vertical bounce when walking or in the scenes with other up-down motions.


*The product name “MovieSolid® 3D” is subject to change.

The Format to Provide the Product

Please contact us regarding the current status of "MovieSolid 3D" development.