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Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Joined in 2011

I have majored in physics throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies. When I was a master's student, I spent half a year at an observatory on top of a large mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii, observing in the field of experimental physics.

Software Engineer

On the other hand, I was also interested in business management and entrepreneurship, and through a trip to Silicon Valley, which I participated in during my fourth year of undergraduate school, I came to have a strong desire to work in the world in the future. It was during the tour that I came to know about Morpho. I had an opportunity to talk with a Morpho employee in the US, and I remember feeling a genuine admiration for Japanese startups that were expanding overseas.

A few years later, when I was starting my job search, I remembered Morpho and went to the website to check out the company's website and saw an announcement that they would start hiring new graduates this year, and I felt that this was fate. The reason I applied to Morpho was mainly because it was a venture company with technical capabilities that was expanding overseas, and I didn't actually want to do image processing (I may have told the interviewer something else, though...).

After joining the company, I worked in product development for about 3 years, and then I moved to my current job (FAE), which is closer to the customer. One of my most memorable experiences was selling our products to overseas customers. Two sales and I traveled to the country on business, and I was in charge of the product introduction presentation. We spent a lot of time preparing materials and practicing our presentations, and I still remember how happy I was when the company decided to install multiple Morpho products in the new smart phones. From this experience, I became interested in a job where I could have direct contact with customers and meet their needs rather than making products.

What's interesting about my current job is that I can solve the problems of our customers. I love the moment when a customer says " Thank you " to me. I have world-class engineers standing behind me. It's an indescribable feeling of accomplishment when I work with them to solve a problem and see a product I was a part of on display in a store.

I would like to move into the business and management side, and I would like to become a person who can work more globally.As the Morpho Group is increasing its overseas offices every year, I would like to encourage people who want to work globally to apply.