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Research Engineer

Research Engineer

Joined in 2018

I studied Computer Science for my undergraduate degree, Image Recognition for my master's degree and Micromachines for my doctoral degree. When I was in my first year of my doctoral program, I found out about Morpho at an internship fair at my university and joined the internship. I chose Morpho because I was interested in the programming test. I thought if there was someone who could make such problems, it must be a great company, so I applied for it. And when I joined, I was really, really overwhelmed by all the amazing people.

Research Engineer

Then I joined in 2018, and since then I've been involved in research and development of SoftNeuro and Semantic Segmentation. My development language is C or Python, and the framework is mostly Tensorflow, but it's a work environment where you can use whatever you want for research purposes. Since I am a researcher, my main job is to think of algorithms and experiment with them, but I often work on product development implementations as an software engineer. Also, we have a system that allows me to do research of my choice up to a set time, so I sometimes focus on turning my ideas into products. The employees around me are outstanding, and I work very close to some of the world's best people. For some reason, being in such an environment motivates us to work harder. When I was a student, I was not a studious person, but after I joined Morpho, I started to study mathematics and machine learning and read papers in my spare time. I aim to read about 100 papers a year.

Morpho researchers NEVER DO " RESEARCH FOR THE SAKE OF RESEARCH". But rather for the sake of being useful to the world, not in 50 years, but with the aim of practical application in 2 to 3 years, or in a few months in the shortest case. I think this is one of the unique features of Morpho. In addition, employees are eager to learn and there is a culture of mutual support. For example, if you ask a question in the company's Slack (chat application) if you don't understand something, someone will usually answer it immediately. Also, the company itself encourages employees to learn the latest technology, and we are allowed to go to international conferences (SIGGRAPH, ICML, CVPR, etc.) at company expense.

"It doesn't matter much where you work, but it does matter who you work with."
This is what I have felt since I joined Morpho, and what I would like to tell people who are looking for a job now. My goal at Morpho is to create the world's most advanced technology and the world's first products with my own hands. I would like to be known as "Morpho" when it comes to "Images and AI", in the same way as "Google" when it comes to "Search" and "Amazon" when it comes to "E-commerce".