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What Imaging AI Brings

Morpho’s imaging AI technologies: changing the world now and in the future

To date, through its commercial applications, Morpho has given concrete form to advanced computational photography technologies and state of the art AI technologies.
Now we’re creating new possibilities through imaging AI, which fuses these two technologies.
By applying these imaging AI technologies, we’re committed to contributing to society in various fields.


A world in which a single smartphone provides access to professional quality visual communication

  • Making it possible to capture high-quality images and video using smartphones in scenes susceptible to blurring or at night—occasions that previously required a dedicated digital camera
  • Making it easy for anyone to capture the images they want through features that automatically recognize subjects (e.g., people, landscapes) and image optimization simply by tapping the camera button

Anyone can capture beautiful, high-quality images and videos easily using just a smartphone instead of a costly camera.
This gives users deeper access to more effective visual communication.


A world in which rapid advances in business efficiency enable greater value for businesses, services, and products

  • Using AI to automatically group test images improves the speed and precision of testing processes, thereby boosting testing throughput and cutting testing times.
  • Adopting automated checking using AI vision in image monitoring operations yields higher precision in standard operations and improved working environments.
  • AI support allows even less experienced workers to handle work that requires high levels of skill and expertise, improving business efficiency and generating solutions for shortages in next-generation skilled workers.

Enables continuity of high-precision and error-free results by reducing physical and emotional burdens on workers.
This generates considerable benefits for both workers and customers through business improvements and by increasing the value provided through services and products.


A world of smart cities in which everyone has access to safety, comfort, and peace of mind

  • A society in which the expansion of self-driving technology enables safe mobility for people and things, free of traffic accidents
  • Improving business efficiency and services through delivery robots, drones, and other technologies
  • Improving community crime prevention by enhancing the identification, detection, and recognition functions of security cameras and other technologies

Implementing various innovative technologies and services through imaging AI will lead to the rebirth of our communities as smart cities.
In the near future, everyone will be able to enjoy next-generation lifestyles in pursuit of safety, comfort, and peace of mind.