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Morpho Launches AI Solution for Automotive Field, “Morpho Automotive Suite™”


Tokyo, Japan – May 18th, 2023– Morpho, Inc. (hereinafter, “Morpho”), a global leader in image processing and imaging AI solutions, announced today that it launches “Morpho Automotive Suite™”, a packaged AI solution for the automotive field.


As its core business, Morpho has been providing elemental technologies and products as well as various software solutions to meet customer needs. Especially in the automotive/mobility field, Morpho has abundant experience in the development of AI/image processing technologies in these three areas where AI technologies are used: DMS/OMS (*1), AD/ADAS (*2), and telematics (*3).


Meanwhile, automobile manufacturers are developing their own AI and processing algorithms based on different hardware design specifications. With this background, they have been encountering issues such as excessive outsourcing cost and difficulties integrating existing products as-is.


To meet these market needs in the automotive field, Morpho proposes “Morpho Automotive Suite” as a total solution including product customization and application development tailored to each customer’s application.


Morpho will continue to promote the development of technologies and products for the automotive field and actively contribute to solving problems and adding value to customers’ products.


*1: DMS (Driver Monitoring System): A driver status detection system using an in-vehicle camera. OMS (Occupant Monitoring System): Occupant status detection system for the entire cabin.
*2: AD : Autonomous Driving, ADAS: Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems
*3: Telematics: Method of recording and transmitting vehicle data using telecommunication.

Morpho Automotive Suite Features

(i) It provides individual elemental technologies. Further offering includes additional AI learning that meets demand and product customization for different applications.

(ii) Advanced development of cutting-edge image processing/AI technology for the automotive field will continuously be pursued to expand new technologies

(iii) Morpho is ready to collaborate with partner companies if their technologies and services accomplish a better solution


*4: Additional learning: Optimizing the AI model by adding training data that best suits the customer’s application.

Core technologies of Morpho

● Image processing/AI technology

These are examples of image processing and AI products that Morpho offered in the past. Morpho will continue to expand standard product lineup through continuous advanced development.

<Examples of AI technology>

– Pose Estimation “Morpho Pose Estimator™ for DMS and OMS”:

– Object Detection “Morpho Deep Detector™”:

– Image segmentation “Morpho Deep Segmentation™”:

● AI Inference Engine “SoftNeuro®”

Adapting deep learning inference engine “SoftNeuro” into each product enables it to run on a wide range of SoCs and AI accelerators from various companies (multi-platform support). Even with diverse hardware platforms made available by automobile manufacturers, AI developed on a desktop can easily be ported to any AI accelerator (e.g., GPU).

– SoftNeuro product page:

Propose solutions to meet customer requirements

● AI customization, Application development, Porting for edge devices, A-SPICE certification

In addition to individual product offering, Morpho can propose additional AI training, customization, application development, and various quality assurance support for each customer.

Customer application example

Vehicle applications are broadly classified into AD/ADAS, DMS/OMS, and telematics (cloud integration). Morpho’s core technologies can be used to develop image processing and AI applications for each of these fields.