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Cinemagraph (photo with partial motion) Generation

Morpho Cinemagraph™

“Morpho Cinemagraph™” uses Morpho’s proprietary motion detection technology, “SOFTGYRO®“, to achieve high-accuracy alignment and produce high-quality cinemagraphs with no visible picture joints.

Use Case

  • Smartphone / tablet

Function or Purpose

  • Cinemagraph


  • High-precision alignment using "SOFTGYRO®" enables processing on handheld video recordings.
  • By utilizing gyroscope data, stable processing can be performed without being affected by large moving subjects.
  • Automatically estimates the moving subject area to facilitate mask generation (determination of the area to be used as a moving image).
  • Synthesis without noticeable joints.
  • Absorbs temporal color changes in the moving subject area.

Product Details

A cinemagraph is an image in which part of the image is moving.
“Morpho Cinemagraph™” combines still images to create cinemagraphs, by aligning each incoming image with the previous frame and copying only the area that should be moving.
You can obtain a cinemagraph by repeating this process on all consecutive frames.
Combining Morpho’s proprietary “SOFTGYRO®” motion detection technique with gyroscope data enables high-precision and stable alignment.
This allows you to shoot cinemagraphs with a handlheld device, without having to use equipment such as a tripod.
Also, there is no distortion in large moving subjects.
The ability to automatically estimate the moving subject area makes it easier for the user to create cinemagraphs.

The Format to Provide the Product

Library files and technical documentation for application development are provided to suit your operating environment. A PC-based tool that runs on Mircosoft Windows, and an application that runs on Android terminal are provided for evaluation purposes. Please contact our representative for details.