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Single Camera Background Blur

Morpho Depth Sensor™

“Morpho Depth Sensor” is a technique for blurring the background of a photo taken with the camera by estimating the area of the subject/s using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Use Case

  • Smartphone / tablet
  • Ship / Train / Airplane
  • Autonomous vehicle
  • Depth camera

Function or Purpose

  • Background bokeh
  • Depth estimation


  • Realize background blur like single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras with single-camera smartphones.
  • Lightweight operation using the Deep Learning Inference Engine "SoftNeuro®".

Product Details

“Morpho Depth Sensor” is a technique for blurring the background by estimating the area of a subject using AI from images taken by the camera.
With Morpho Depth Sensor, even if you have a smartphone with a single camera, you can easily take pictures with a blurred background, such as those taken with a high-end dual-camera smartphone or a single-lens reflex camera.
It also uses Morpho’s deep learning inference engine, SoftNeuro, which is lightweight and increases the inference speed on smartphones.
In addition, it can be combined with Morpho’s Morpho Portrait Bokeh background blur technique to achieve more accurate background blur.

The Format to Provide the Product

Please contact us regarding the current status of "Morpho Depth Sensor" development.