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Image Stabilization, Noise Reduction


PhotoSolid is a software for electronic camera shake correction for still images and noise removal by combining multiple images using Morpho’s proprietary synthesis technology, based on the motion detection technology “SOFTGYRO®“.

Use Case

  • Structure deterioration diagnosis
  • Smartphone / tablet
  • Drone
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Telephoto lens

Function or Purpose

  • Image stabilization
  • Noise reduction
  • Night portrait shooting


  • High quality images with a high S/N ratio can be obtained with minimal blur.
  • Effective in night scenes, telephotography, and other conditions where camera shake and motion blur are likely to occur.
  • High noise rejection performance against fixed pattern noise, random noise, and spike noise.
  • Noise reduction is possible with minimal ghosting and artifacts.

Product Details

“PhotoSolid” is an embedded software for stabilizing a still image and synthesizing a noise-reduced image by combining multiple images.

Image Stabilization

It cancels out the camera shake and synthesizes a high-quality image with a high signal-to-noise ratio by combining multiple images that are taken with a fast shutter speend and low exposure. It uses “SOFTGYRO®” for compensating camera shakes accurately among multiple images and achieves industry’s top-class image stabilization.”PhotoSolid” is especially useful for night portrait, telephotography, and other situations where hand jitters and camera shake are likely to occur.

Noise Reduction

It is designed for reducing various kinds of noise, such as fixed pattern, random and spiky ones, and is capable of suppressing ghosting effects or artifacts in a resulting image. It is especially useful for night portrait and ultra high-speed photography.

The Format to Provide the Product

Library files and technical documentation for application development are provided to suit your operating environment. Please contact our representative for details.