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Playing a leading role in self-driving technologies in cooperation with Denso

In 2015, Morpho reached an agreement with Denso Corporation on the joint development of image recognition technologies based on computational photography technologies and deep learning. Since then, our alliance has deepened in the development of technologies related to advanced driver support systems based on image recognition technologies, including peripheral monitoring systems using smart mirrors, and basic research on self-driving technologies based on deep learning. Morpho will continue to advance real-world applications for next-generation image recognition systems in cooperation with Denso, striving to realize advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) based on deep neural networks.

Partner voice

DENSO Corporation

Since 2015, as part of its work on the vital mission of achieving a world free of traffic accidents, Denso has pursued joint research with Morpho on image recognition technologies utilizing image processing technology and deep learning. In the main, these initiatives have involved the development of and application to products of deep-learning models employing state-of-the-art technologies, as well as weight reduction technologies to allow use onboard chips, which are subject to numerous implementation limitations, and the machine learning infrastructure required to achieve sufficient performance. While all automotive safety products require high safety levels, we believe only a handful of companies can meet the requirements. We intend to expand and accelerate our joint efforts with Morpho as a partner with which we can navigate the turbulent waters of the auto industry in a time of once-in-a-century change.

Ryoma Niihara
AD&ADAS Eng.Div.1