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Case Study OfSemiconductor


Alliances with semiconductor makers in next-generation image processing technologies

The smartphone market resembles a pyramid, with a small number of flagship models at the top, jockeying for position through competition based on advanced features, and a broad range of standard models at the base, offering a sound balance of the features almost all users need. While Morpho has since its founding focused on software to realize advanced features, in anticipation of what we see as future market trends, we plan to turn our attention to the high-volume segment. As part of this strategy, we’re expanding our cooperation with leading smartphone semiconductor makers, such as Qualcomm Technologies. In 2019, we announced Morpho Semantic Filtering at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit. This Snapdragon-compatible technology applies AI for image segmentation and retouching. We remain committed to contributing to creating new value in the smartphone market.

Partner voice

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm Technologies’ collaboration with Morpho as a member of our Qualcomm® Platform Solutions Ecosystem (PSE) has allowed us to enhance the camera functionalities of Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms. Morpho’s PSE membership aided the development and offering of advanced software features and applications, which are compatible with the advanced image processing capabilities on our Snapdragon mobile platforms. PSE also allows Morpho to access training, support and advice from camera solution experts at Qualcomm Technologies to enable delivery of an optimized solution onto mobile platforms. We are pleased to work together to bring support for Morpho’s MovieSolid® video stabilization software to the Snapdragon mobile platform, which significantly reduces the integration cost to device makers making it easier and faster to implement Morpho’s state-of-the-art video stabilization on commercial devices based on Snapdragon.

Manvinder Singh
vice president
product management