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Case Study OfDigital Media


Delivering high-speed, high-precision image processing technologies

Morpho delivers high-performance image processing solutions to the video production industry based on proprietary technologies accumulated to date in the form of applications and plug-ins. Our platforms are equipped not just with high-speed, high-performance engines, based on input from video editors, but GUIs designed to maximize ease of use. They’ve been adopted for post-production use by NHK and other broadcasters and major firms in Japan. In addition to Morpho’s own products, we’re also working on product development with partners to improve video production efficiency and quality.

Partner voice

Nouvelle Âge Co., Ltd.

At the Shibuya Office of Nouvelle Âge, we work mainly on producing high-resolution 4K and 8K video. 8K video in particular requires uncompromising precision down to the finest detail. Accordingly, we need tools capable of high-quality, high-speed processing. When we first encountered Morpho Video Processing Solutions™ (MVPS), we realized we’d found the first solution capable of practical upscaling. That’s because all its functions exhibited high-speed processing and because the ultra-high-resolution functions delivered surprisingly quick processing with a natural and finished look. Thanks to MVPS, we have more time for tasks like following up on client requests and proactive proposals. We look forward to seeing what new technologies Morpho will deliver in the future.

Hiroaki Andoh
Manager video editor
Editing Technology Department
Shibuya division
post production (HD, 4K/8K)